How it works

After registration as a partner, OnDemandCash will first screen your website(-s). After this we will together with you - determine the best strategy to follow. Besides this you will also get access to all the available promotion material so you can start immediately as a promoter. Promoting is possible by placing simple advertisements or banners on your website, but you can build even your own website by using XML-feeds.

Either way, every visitor who clicks through to from your ads is a referral from that moment. If this visitor also make a qualified purchase, you automatically earn commission! It's that simple.

OnDemandCash offers

- The opportunity to optimize advert space
- Easy to access and well organized statistics and reports
- Real time and reliable payments
- Easy implementation of the available promotion material

Sale Tracking

To track all your visitors and sales as good as possible, we are using a new tracking-system, which is unique in the adult industry. The bottom line in this is that for all partners an unique cookie will be installed, which will be valid for 45 days. In case a person revisits your website without your affiliate code, the cookie will be refreshed and makes sure the sales will profit to your account.

Curious? Subscribe today as a partner of OnDemandCash. Becoming a partner is free!